American Power Inc.

American Power offers free conversion of pre-existing inefficient lights for new energy efficient products.

Conversion includes installation and lamp disposal.

Here are some of the products we offer:

PQL 32w T-8 Fluorescent lamp : Download PDF

For T-12 conversion:

PQL 28w T-8 Fluorescent lamp: Download PDF

For T-8 to lower energy T-8:

Sunpark 54w T5/HO True Lumen lamp : Download PDF


Sunpark Fluorescent High Bay Fixture : Download PDF

For HID 100-1000w:

Non-rebated products:

Enerlite 360' Infrared Occupancy Sensor : Download PDF

Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor : Download PDF



We also convert incandescent lights such as incandescent Exit signs and U-Lamps to LED bulbs.

American Power Labor Warranty is one full year after the project is completed, Bulbs and Ballasts are covered for 4-5 years from manufacturer. We also offer service/maintenance contracts for regular inspection and upkeep of lights, as well as outdoor installation and conversion. Contact us for more information.


American Power Energy Services Inc.

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