American Power Inc.

The Process

1.            One of our trained staff visits your site and does a comprehensive energy audit. Our Energy Consultant can tell you immediately after the audit whether you are a good candidate for an energy efficiency upgrade. We take this information back to our office where are head electrician creates a custom energy savings project to make your lighting more efficient. Our software calculates your ROI by comparing the created energy savings to the total project cost after rebates.


2.        Our company processes all of the paperwork for efficiency rebates and facilitates all necessary communication with the utility company. After our project is approved for installation, our company installs your new lighting at your convenience. We can install any time day or night and can retrofit the lights without turning them off. This allows us to keep disruption to a minimum so we can install your lighting while normal business is being conducted.


3.        After the project is completed, utility company rebates are collected and are immediately deducted from your total owed. If this does not bring your balance to zero the small co pay will then be due. Your lighting is then under warranty for 3 to 5 years depending on the product.​

American Power makes using your local energy rebates easy. We have a very simple process that focuses on accommodating the customer.

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