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Many offices have outdated lighting .  With minimal impact to your daily schedule we can install new lighting in your current fixture. 



In most office spaces, lighting accounts for a major part of electrical cost.  The good news is that with a quick a simple upgrade to your building we can help you cut lighting cost nearly in half.



We focus on removing old and outdated equipment such as magnetic ballasts and T-12 fluorescent tubes.  Both of these common products are inefficient and donft give off optimum light output.


Our new ballasts and fluorescent lamps use less energy while putting out more light than older fluorescent lighting which allows you to achieve the same light levels while using less light bulbs.


We can help improve your office!


· With sensor lighting, you'll be able save even more money on your lighting bill! as well as enjoy more convenient switching!


· Light is less harsh to the eyes! Employees will be able to enjoy sun-light esque more natural illumination so they can perform more comfortably and with less headaches!