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If you have these style fixtures you most likely have a 400W HID.


These fixtures used to be the norm in warehouse lighting, but technology has advanced and high output fluorescent lighting sources are available to provide better, more energy efficient lighting.


400W HID fixtures are very inefficient and somewhat outdated. Because of this inefficient utility companies are offering large rebates to replace them. The rebates are so great in fact that they often cover the complete cost of the retrofit.



To retrofit these lights we simply take down the old HID fixture and replace it with a brand new, industry standard 4 lamp T-5 fixture. These fixtures are becoming the standard for the warehouse lighting because they



· Reduce energy consumption by as much as 67% ( use only 220 W instead of 400 W)


· Have longer lasting output then HIDs


· Improve the quality of light (less harsh on eyes and brighter)


· Fixtures are less noisy (no hum, flicker)




We can also replace your exit signs with LED exit signs.