American Power Inc.

About Us

Here at American Power, we are committed to advancing energy efficiency in the California lighting sector and helping commercial businesses save money and promote environmental stewardship.

American Power Energy Services is one of the top performing companies working with SMUD, Roseville Electric, and PG&E to help save energy efficiency through lighting measures.

Recently PG&E recognized and awarded American Power the Trade Professional Alliance Recognition Award for outstanding achievement in total KWH savings for businesses.

These businesses can enjoy significant savings on their energy bill after the lighting retrofit from the beginning, and typically there is no charge to the customer for this service.

We constantly strive to help the disadvantaged, and have also helped many school districts that need the savings from energy efficiency the most. In addition we are working with Clean Energy Sacramento by Ygrene as a certified contractor.

American Power feels great about doing something that makes a difference for our planet, as well as saving the customer money from their utility bills.

American Power Energy Services Inc.

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